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Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA)

The Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) is the central component of every PEMFC and has to fulfill a variety of different requirements. As a mechanical barrier it has to prevent the hydrogen and air/oxygen on the anode and cathode side respectively from mixing with each other and thereby generating an explosive […]

Flow Field and Current Collector

This post will help you understand why you’d need flow fields and how to make them yourself from off-the-shelf printed circuit boards (PCBs). Table of Contents Why PCBs? Current collector and gas distribution In a PEMFC, the flow field plates generally fulfil two different purposes. One is to conduct the […]


Sealings are used to prevent leaking of gases. Three types of sealing elements are used, with the most important being the flexible flat sealing element. The material used in the FDM-3D-printing process is the “Filaflex 70A” from the manufacturer “Recreus”, which is a highly flexible material.