Fuel cell research has a more than 20 years tradition in Duisburg. It all started in the late 1990s at the chair of energy technology of Duisburg university and since 2002 was expanded at the newly founded ZBT institute. Since, a countless number of fuel cells has been designed, built and operated in the various high tech test benches. Nevertheless a simple cell setup which allows easy operation and testing was needed to make simple mass testing of fuel cells possible. Within research projects a single cell design was developed, tested and stepwise optimized to benchmark the newly developed materials and fuel cell components of the projects.

This cell design is the basis for the open fuel cell project. Our aim is to make manufacturing of these cells even more simple and production and purchase of the components easy. We have chosen to publish all data of the design freely on this webpage and welcome you to optimize the design for your purposes, hoping that you create loads of data or just fun operation fuel cells.