Bill of Materials

A comprehensive list of all materials needed to build an Open Fuel Cell is coming soon.

Part Number (PN)Order QuantityPart NameSupplierDescription, SpecificationManual
120M3 ScrewsConrad
220M3 NutsConrad
320M3 WasherConrad
41PCBConradEnough for two pieces each 150×40 mm
51Screw Terminal 2 OutputConradCathode and Anode
61Screw Terminal 3 OutputConradReference Electrode
71Flatband Connectortbd*Only in for Reference Electrodes **
82SMC Elbow ConnectorRSKQ2L06-M6A Link
92Gasket3D PrintFLEX Filament
101MembraneNafion™ HPPlease Choose Type “HP” and the size which suits your needs
111Endplate Filament
121Endplate SLAClear Resin V5 (Form 4) 1 L
*to be defined
** Combination with DHE Reference Electrode. Not supported yet.