Technical Specifications

Active area

1,5 cm X 10 cm = 15 cm²


edge reinforced Nafion HP


a GDE, based on the H23C9 with a catalyst loading of 0,72 mg/cm² on the anode and cathode side; backed up by an additional layer of the same GDL material

Electrochemical performance

The performance of the cell depends on a variety of parameters like temperature, humidity of the cell itself, the state of the air flow on the open cathode of the PEMFC and more. If operated under „normal classroom conditions“ the following performance can be expected:

Performance diagram of the Open Fuel Cell operated under classroom conditions; air supply at cathode: free convection and forced convection (by waving a cardboard).

This performance diagram originates from a typical quick experimental setup used for educational purposes during the Sommer Uni 2023. While operated under free convection the cell was just placed on a table with the open cathode exposed to the surrounding air. While operated under forced convection additional air was fanned onto the open cathode using a piece of cardboard.