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Maker day 2023

The open fuel cell was presented at the Maker day 2023 at the public library in Duisburg. Many crafters showed interest in our open fuel cell. The visitors were able to see that the open fuel cell is able to produce electricity – and even more if they use a […]

3D printing

What is it for: 3D printing technology has become a significant fabrication technology for the fabrication of prototypes as well as small series production during the recent years. Compared to other technologies such as milling processes the needed material is only deposited where it is needed. Under ideal conditions items […]


Sealings are used to prevent leaking of gases. Three types of sealing elements are used, with the most important being the flexible flat sealing element. The material used in the FDM-3D-printing process is the “Filaflex 70A” from the manufacturer “Recreus”, which is a highly flexible material.