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Urban Zeo Festival in Duisburg Ruhrort

Is the OFC suitable for outdoor use? Can you showcase fascinating fuel cell technology with live measurements at science fairs? YES, YOU CAN! At the end of June 2024, we participated in the URBAN ZERO festival in Duisburg Ruhrort. As you can guess from the leaflet, this fair was an […]

Maker day 2023

The open fuel cell was presented at the Maker day 2023 at the public library in Duisburg. Many crafters showed interest in our open fuel cell. The visitors were able to see that the open fuel cell is able to produce electricity – and even more if they use a […]

A school class group photo in front of the ZBT in Duisburg.

School Visit in Muelheim

In late April, Burghard was invited to the Chemistry advanced class of Dr. Schulte in the Luisenschule in Muelheim. Preceeding this visit was an in depth focus topic during which the students covered electrochemistry over the course of four months. The practical application that concluded this topic was the Open […]