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A school class group photo in front of the ZBT in Duisburg.

School Visit in Muelheim

In late April, Burghard was invited to the Chemistry advanced class of Dr. Schulte in the Luisenschule in Muelheim. Preceeding this visit was an in depth focus topic during which the students covered electrochemistry over the course of four months. The practical application that concluded this topic was the Open […]

Meeting #9 – Gold Rush

Livia and Roland are on vacation; so there is only a small Open Fuel Cell team meeting. We meet at the Chair of Energy Technology. Leander reports about the experiences he made when he tried to print more end plates using SLA. He had problems with the threads, which were […]

Meeting #7 – Still not Electroplating

After a few weeks break, the open fuel cell team meets again. This time at the Chair of Manufacturing Engineering.  Open Fuel Cells travel to Mannheim Burghard immediately starts to report: Alexandra and himself sent the fuel cell which we assembled in a previous meeting, together with another fuel cell […]

Meeting #6: Our team grows 🤗

So we’ve printed the pressure plates on the SLA printer at the Chair for Energy Technology. The next step will be somewhat more difficult: milling the conductor plates, i.e. the flowfield and open electrode. For this, Leander reached out to his friend Livia who joined us today for our OFC […]