Meeting #2: Leander and Leonhard from the Chair of Energy Technology visit Burghard, Roland and Alexandra at the ZBT together with Henning and me

Two days ago I got a nasty cold and since then spent a lot of time in bed. Covid-19 negatively tested and equipped with a face mask and 500mg of Paracetamol, I manage to get to the university for this appointment – I didn’t want to miss it for anything in the world.

I told my colleague and good friend Leander about Burghard and his cell. Leander, among other things, trains the 3D printers at the chair of energy technology. It didn’t take much to convince him – he was very eager to join the next meeting. And he brought along Leonhard, also a doctoral student at the chair of energy technology, climate activist and good friend. Burghard had brought Roland with him, a passionate mediator for energy issues who has already been involved in a number of school projects.

From left to right: Leander, Leonhard, Burghard, Theresa, Henning and Roland at the ZBT.

At this meeting, we also see Burghard’s 3D printer in action. It is currently printing one of the end plates. I suggest that we first try to completely rebuild Burghard’s cell at regular meetings, using printers and tools that are independent of the equipment Burghard used.

Leonhard, Leander and I had started the “electrochemistry crawl group” a few weeks ago anyway where we meet once a week after work to do a bit of tinkering and learn the basics of electrochemistry. Leander has a background in automation engineering and thinks he needs to catch up in his understanding of electrochemistry. Well, I myself did my PhD on genetic factors in embryonic brain development and have absolutely no idea about electrochemistry, so I am even more happy about any opportunity to learn in this field.

So we decide to focus the electrochemistry crawl group on the Open Fuel Cell in the coming weeks or months. By completely rebuilding Burghard’s cell, we will
a) check if all components and manufacturing steps are sufficiently documented and reproducible,
b) be able to precisely document and map all steps, including any difficulties and obvious errors, and
c) provide a first proof-of-concept that not only Burghard can build these cells.

Everyone is really enthusiastic. So we agree on a new date and I fall back into bed and take a good rest. But what I could also do well from bed: register the domain and start creating this website. ☺️

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